Yay! Open June 1st Normal Hours

Submitted by Dr. Bryan Born on Sat, 04/25/2020 - 14:56

We’ve been given the go-ahead to resume treating patients in our *newly renovated* office on June 1st! I wanted to give you a list of changes we’ve made to keep you safe in the office.

Everything is New

We’ve completed the renovation, and what a great time for a grand reopening!
Every wall in the office has new modern wallpaper or crisp white paint. Cabinets have been recoated with a scrubbable dove grey tone. Trim and doors are all a durable crisp white.
We’ve even repainted all the ceilings! New LEDs in most halls and rooms help keep us cool and eco friendly. New super sanitary tile has been installed in the bathrooms and break room, as well as new carpeting throughout the office. Many of you have enjoyed the renovation process; come check out the results!

Squeaky Clean, Even the Air!

We've installed HEPA room purifiers in the front common area and enclosed treatment rooms to scrub the air clean. We use EPA approved cleaners and disinfectants on a frequent schedule. You'll see signs for "frequent sanitation area" to indicate areas we spend extra focus cleaning. Each treatment table is sanitized before every patient. 

Changes to Keep You Safe

Every room in the office and many procedures have been modified for
the utmost safety from COVID.  Patients are encouraged to contact the office when you arrive, and you can wait in the car for your appointment.

When you first walk into the office you’ll immediately see the “spray shields” added to the staff desks. The waiting room is redesigned for social distancing but still has a few chairs so they’re at least 6’ apart. We’ve removed the patient computers (I hear you breathing a sigh of relief!) No more sign-in sheets or folders to carry. We have new easy forms if needed that you can fill out on your smartphone or home computer.

PreScreening and Temperature Checks for All

We pre-screen each person by phone before they enter and check everyone’s temperature to make sure no one has COVID symptoms. We have a plan to take special care if someone does have symptoms.  For those most at risk due to health challenges or advanced age, we've set aside specific hours to further limit any exposure for those patients. If you're interested in these specific hours, please call or text us.

You’ll see pathways and markings on the brand new carpet so you know where to safely stand and walk. Bathroom doors stay open unless occupied so you can walk right in and wash your hands without touching the door. As expected, there are hand sanitizers available, as well as masks if you’ve forgotten one. Everyone wears a mask all the time in the office. For added comfort some patients choose to bring a clean bedsheet to drape over the treatment table like a gown. You’ll see the doctors and staff washing or sanitizing their hands throughout your visit, and they may encourage you to do the same.

Curbside Phone Orders and Payments

We do the shopping for you: Vitamins and herb supplements are selected from your order by the staff and individually bagged to be ready at the end of your visit. Prebagged service is available by phone. Credit card payments no longer need signatures, and we make it easy to pay for multiple visits at your convenience.

You’ll never see a more streamlined comfortable doctor’s office! To recap what I’ve described above, if you bring a sheet and pay by phone, the only thing you’ll have to touch is the front door! And if you ask, we’ll even hold the door for you!

Remember you can now text the staff for anything at (248) 505-2173. Calling our traditional phone number will get a human voice during normal hours as well (248) 559-6763. Reach out today-we’re looking forward to seeing you again! We’ve got your Back!