Jeffrey Nickel

Dr. Bryan’s knowledge is amazing. He can break down complex things so non-medical people can understand what is going on with our bodies & how to get better.

Molly Tamulevich

Dr. Born was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn't be happier. Although I'm still a new patient, I have already benefited from his gentle technique, patient explanation, and fantastic customer service. I highly recommend him. I have had chronic problems with my low back, shoulder, and neck, and he has been able to address all three.


Over the course of several weeks, I had been suffering from lower back pain and a seemingly incurable UTI. Being frustrated with my M.D., a friend suggested I go to her chiropractor, Dr. Bryan. After my first visit, my UTI symptoms had disappeared and my back pain had greatly improved. Dr. Bryan took to time to explain how my UTI and back pain were connected and it made total sense. It is clear that Dr. Bryan has a genuine concern about his patients by the way he takes the time to teach you about your body, why it hurts, and how he can help. Both Dr. Bryan and his staff are very helpful and friendly. I would recommend Dr. Bryan to anyone.

Cynthia M

I had been to 4 different chiropractors before becoming a patient of Dr. Bryan a couple of years ago. And I have to say, there is NO comparison! Dr. Bryan has eliminated the daily severe headaches I suffered from every day for my entire adult life (I'm in my 40's). And now, with regular adjustments I am much healthier in all ways and recover MUCH faster from injuries and illness than I ever did before.

His painless techniques are amazing and he is pleasant and friendly at every visit.

His staff is also top rate, efficient and always EXTREMELY friendly.

I also trust Dr. Bryan with the health of my daughters, the youngest of which is 3 years old and always looks forward to her appointments.

Nikki B

Truly a fan of Dr. Bryan! He has helped me get over such immense pain after a bad car accident. No manual adjustments, all with a little tool. No pain whatsoever! The staff is amazing too!

They take such pride in what they do, and always make you feel as if you are the only customer/patient. The consultations are never rushed. The adjustments, never rushed.

The office is always clean, bathrooms are always clean, and they are also very organized. I love everyone there!


Dear Dr. Born and Staff,

Just want to send a note of thanks to you and your staff.

I came to your office for the first time last week with concerns about rib/spinal pain and constipation. Your competent staff treated me with courtesy, care, and kindness.

I visited your office three consecutive days, and each time, I was immediately greeted and taken care of (no wait!). I really appreciated the prompt attention.

I am amazed with the treatments and results I received. My condition is greatly improved. I was especially interested to discover that lumbar spinal restriction was a cause of my bowel dysfunction. Also, I experienced a menstrual period. I haven’t had one in two years. . .thought I was post-menopausal. During this course of treatment, prior to starting my period, I had noticed I wasn’t having the hot-flashes I’ve been experiencing for years. This is truly a blessing.

Even though I have some knowledge of anatomy and physiology, I wasn’t thinking of how my lumbar spine condition could be inhibiting innervation to organs and systems. I’m intrigued.

I also appreciated not being pressured to commit to a long-term treatment program. I am certainly convinced that treatment for spinal health has to be a regular part of my health regimen.

Dr. Bryan, I am very grateful for your expertise and efforts to inform and educate.

Thanks for your care!

M. & L

Dear Dr. Born,

On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all the help you and your staff have provided during our visits to Southfield. More than once you have gone out of your way to fit the two of us into the busy office schedule.

Every time we plan a trip to Southfield an appointment with you is an essential part of the schedule. After years of traveling all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico on tour and visiting uncounted chiropractors, you are without a doubt, the best we have ever had the pleasure of working with! I say working with because we all (you, me and my wife) understand that keeping our bodies functioning properly is not something you do alone on your table. The in-depth explanations you provide regarding our problems, their causes, and what can be done to reduce or eliminate them in the future are, in our experiences, unique.

As a life long ice skater my wife has spent way too much time throwing herself around the ice and therefore presents a special challenge to any chiropractor. Four years ago you were able to FIX problems that would have otherwise prevented her from skating in the Southfield show.

As a child of the early 50’s polio was not uncommon and even though I’m not handicapped (in my opinion), I do realize there is a lack of muscular balance that presents another special case. Your ability to diagnose and treat my problems, plus your willingness to take the time to explain not only the problem but to also discuss what may be their cascading effects on the rest of my body is invaluable. It not only helps me understand and deal with them it also helps me work around them without causing additional problems.

In closing, you are without a doubt the most knowledgeable and helpful medical professional we have had the pleasure of working with anywhere, anytime, and we treasure the relationship.

With an abundance of gratitude,

Lisa and Family

Dear Dr. Born,

I wanted to thank you so very, very much FOR so very, very much. Where to begin. . .

First of all, for helping my husband with a chronic shoulder problem that from which, after just a few visits with you, he has finally found relief.

But most of all, I want to thank you on behalf of my family for all of your work with our infant daughter. I say my family because, thanks largely to you, they have a happier mommy and baby in the house!!

I saw you several times before the birth, and believe that it helped with the labor and delivery, and the speed of the post-partum healing. Even so, walking into your office for my first post-partum visit with you, I was unable to lift my feet off the ground, was very sore, and was hardly able to stand up straight. When I left your office, I was lifting my feet off the ground, was standing up straighter, and was in less pain. A mere 5 visits – 2 weeks – later, I pretty much was back to myself. What a difference from my experience with my first child. . .it took literally months before I could stand up straight or walk normally, and it left me with a chronic hip problem (which you took care of before I got pregnant with our second!).

As for my daughter, after her first visit with you, we could see the difference — the way her body relaxed totally, arms dropped at her side instead of clenched up by her chest, hands open instead of tightly fisted, her breathing slow and deep instead of shallow and short, when she slept. And, while she was initially very “tense” while nursing, after three adjustments, she relaxed her nursing, and her overall disposition (comfort!) was greatly improved. Within a few weeks, she started to show signs of allergic reactions in the form of inflamed, red, bumpy rashes all over her face, increased digestive discomfort and overall unhappiness. You began work with her in earnest, and within hours of each visit, there was marked improvement in all areas. Within a few weeks, her skin was back to normal, her digestion had settled down again, her sleep improved, and the amount of time that she was awake and CONTENT was noticeably improved with each visit.

Basically, I could pretty well count on her being a much happier baby after a visit with you than before!!! I firmly believe that had I known about you when my older son was born, both he and I (not to mention my husband!!) would have had a MUCH better time of his infancy.

The other thing for which I cannot express enough gratitude is your treating her free of charge (due to your policy concerning pregnant patients). The difference your treatment has made in her life, and in turn ours, is immeasurable. Not only have you seen her at no charge, but so frequently. NEVER have I felt like you were skimping on her care because you had nothing to gain financially from it; to the contrary, you have encouraged us to bring her frequently and regularly, and never to hesitate to come in were she to need care before a scheduled appointment.

So, “thank you” doesn’t really begin to say it, but since it’s all I can say, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!! May you be blessed with much success in your work in all areas now and in the future.

By the way, I can’t say enough about your office staff. Each one of them is warmer and nicer and lovelier than the next, and calling and visiting your office is always such a pleasure (wish I could say that about all my doctor’s office experiences!!!).

With much gratitude,


Dear Dr. Born,

Several weeks ago I spoke with you about my hypertension. I have been on medication for quite a while and would like to decrease if not completely eliminate the need for this medication. You discussed with me the need for good nutrition and how the body responds when it is deficient.

You gave me a dietary supplement that would in time restore my body and all of its’ systems to a better way of functioning. At this time, my concern was my elevated blood pressure. I began taking 1/2 tablet of the supplement you gave me three times a day. After the third day, I took my blood pressure and was surprised to see that there was a decrease of 20 points in the systolic and at least 10 in the diastolic. I have continued to monitor my blood pressure at different times and the decrease has been consistent. My blood pressure usually is quite elevated when I visit my medical doctor.

I am eager to see what it will be on my next visit. I will keep you informed of my progress.



Dr. Born,

Just a quick note to let you know that I just stopped by church and lit a Seven Day candle for you. I thanked God for the fact that you are helping me, and asked him to watch over you, your family and your practice! Thank you for letting me know that someday I will have a healthy body.