Dr. Bryan basically changed my life overnight. I had been having chronic severe headaches off and on for years and they had become so bad that I had had one near-constantly for weeks. Doctors for years had been telling me just to take allergy medicine and that they must be allergy headaches which obviously was not the case, so I had stopped seeing doctors about it and was feeling kind of hopeless. I went in for one of what I thought was going to be several appointments with Doctor Bryan who informed me that it could be an alignment issue at the base of my skull, which he adjusted. The next day, my headache was gone and I felt better than I had in a long time. Sincerely thank you so much Dr. Bryan, for your help and your honesty. I feel like I can trust you more than any general practitioner I've ever been to.

Kristin Bridges

February 26, 2018
Mr. Wunderful called on a Sunday, major back pain. Office obviously closed... Dr. Bryan opened the office and treated him. A new patient at that. Was extremely knowledgeable and understood exactly what the problem was. A+ for quality of care, compassion, responsiveness and customer service. We will be back!
Kristin Bridges from Facebook Post

Katlyn S.

Dr. Bryan, I wanted to thank you for the relief you have brought me and piece of mind. I've been allergic to oranges since I was 5 years old, I'm now 25, it made me literally scared of orange my whole life. The smell or sight of them would set me off physically and emotionally... But as of today that's the past, today you got me to put a piece of fresh orange in my mouth, and I didn't die! So here I am after leaving the office crying out of joy cause my life will be so different now. Now I don't have to live in fear that one day something as simple as an orange would be the death of me.

Thank you so much Dr. Bryan Born, you're my hero!


Dr. Born is amazing!! I called for an appointment this morning because I had really severe back pain. The staff got me in within half an hour. Dr. Born explained what was going on with my back and did an adjustment that helped immediately. By the end of the day, my back was so much better. Dr. Born even called later to see how I was doing. Overall, my experience was very positive and I would recommend Dr. Born to anyone looking for excellent chiropractic care.


Dr. Born is not only a remarkable physician but a tremendous educator as well. I can recommend him without the slightest reservation.

Long Time Patient

I've been visiting the Borns for over 11 years now, both for when I have pain and also for periodic adjustments and they are amazing!

No cracking or wrenching, just gentle, natural adjustments that are truly "painless".

I feel so much better after each adjustment that I wonder how uncomfortable my life would be without it!


I wanted to share a phone message that I received this morning from my sister. She said she woke up with hardly an ache or pain. Her voice was pain-free, something I haven't heard in a long time. I also saw her yesterday and her face didn't show the lines of pain and discomfort that it has for so long.

I know it took some convincing for my sister to come to you but I am overjoyed that she did. Thanks so much for relieving her pain and easing my mind. You have my eternal gratitude.

Stacy Wojcikiewicz

The staff are super awesome! In addition to being kind, caring people, they are always very helpful to me. Dr. Born takes great care of my whole family.

Corey Perlman

What I love about Dr. Born is he doesn't just start adjusting you. He listens first. Finds out what is wrong and spends the appropriate time so you don't feel like you're being rushed through like cattle. He LOVES what he does and it shows. I trust him enough to bring my 9-month old daughter to him as well - that should say it all.

Shannon Dodge

I had my first appointment yesterday afternoon and these guys were great! It was an emergency appointment due to sudden and horrific back pain. After VERY gentle adjustments and some instruction on how to move as well as ice packs... I am feeling much better.

The staff was awesome. The service was outstanding! Looking forward to a long relationship!