30 Seconds with Dr. Bryan: Vertigo

One, a massage therapist, who couldn’t walk, drive or work for 6 days.
2 treatments and all’s good in his world.

The second patient started with the MD’s, and 2 years and 17,000 dollars later is in my office at the end of his rope. He’ll get better too, but it’ll take lots longer. If you have a friend who’s head is on crooked, and the world won’t stop revolving for him, have him call me.

Cervical Disc Degeneration

I was at a social gathering over the weekend, and over a friendly game of Euchre I was asked what my profession was. “Chiropractor”, I replied. We chatted on and off for a few more minutes, then she timidly asked, “Do you work with degenerative discs in the neck”?

30 Seconds with Dr. Bryan: Advil and Bleeding Ulcers

Take Advil or Motrin for 7 days, there’s a 1 in 5 chance
you’ll get a BLEEDING ULCER.

Fact, not hype.

Another fact: The chance chiropractic care will land you in the hospital? 1 in 2 million, or better odds than getting HIT BY LIGHTNING.

INCREDIBLY safer than risking your life with ADVIL.

More than 200,000 people will go to the ER because of Advil this year.

Care enough to speak out.

Avoid These for Allergy Sufferers

In order to provide the fastest relief for someone
suffering from allergies, here's a list of action steps:

*Purchase Dreft laundry detergent, and re-wash ALL family members’ clothing and bedding.
Stop using all other additives, including bleach, prewashes, dryer sheets and fabric softeners
for now, and make a list of what you used to use to share with your doctor on the next visit.