Avoid These for Allergy Sufferers

Submitted by Dr. Carol Born on Sat, 11/12/2016 - 14:39

In order to provide the fastest relief for someone
suffering from allergies, here's a list of action steps:

*Purchase Dreft laundry detergent, and re-wash ALL family members’ clothing and bedding.
Stop using all other additives, including bleach, prewashes, dryer sheets and fabric softeners
for now, and make a list of what you used to use to share with your doctor on the next visit.

*Stop using air fresheners, perfumes, colognes, scented lotions, etc, and have family members
do the same. Bring in any you wish to continue using for testing.

*Avoid any foods with food coloring, “natural” flavoring, “natural” colors or MSG (Monosodium

* Children: Store diapers in a room the child is not using (like a distant closet in the parent’s
room, not the linen closet). ONE disposable diaper can cause an asthmatic/allergic reaction.
Store as few as possible in the changing area if it’s in the child’s room, and always in a truly
airtight container.

*Children: Limit the number of stuffed animals in the child’s bed, or avoid any if possible.
Whatever cannot be avoided must be tested ASAP – bring in on your next visit if possible.

*Wait to vacuum or dust until the patient will be out of the building, and wait at least an hour for
the dust to settle before the patient returns.

*If you have an air purifier that produces ozone, lower the settings on the unit and place in a
room where the patient spends little time. Too much ozone can induce an asthmatic/allergic

Avoid giving the patient the following foods if at all possible:
*Cow’s milk including cream and half & half,
*all cheeses,
*ice cream,
*peanut butter,
*orange and grapefruit juice,