Good Morning America segment: Chiropractic over Opioids

Submitted by Dr. Bryan Born on

By The Foundation for CHiropractic Progress

This week has proven to be successful for the chiropractic profession, as noteworthy media coverage
swept the nation!

• Yesterday morning, Good Morning America – the most watched morning show for most of 2017 - aired a segment about low back pain after new research published in The Lancet surfaced. Encouraging non-pharmacological pain management options prior to utilization of prescription opioids, Good Morning America encouraged its viewers to stay active, apply heat and receive spinal manipulation – which we know 94 percent of which are performed by doctors of chiropractic in the U.S. – to alleviate lower back pain.

• Earlier this week, a local TV station in Ohio aired coverage, “Ohio lawmakers, doctors suggest chiropractic care instead of opioids,” highlighting a press conference held by Ohio Attorney General, lawmakers and officials from the Ohio State Chiropractic Association and Ohio State Opioid Task Force. The conference discussed the benefits of non-pharmacological care as a safe, effective, first-line approach to manage pain prior to utilization of prescription opioids.

• In attendance and speaking out on the significant value of chiropractic care to manage pain was Retired Staff Sgt. Shilo Harris, whose full story and positive experience with chiropractic care was also published in The Columbus Dispatch this week. Read the article here.

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